The oil spillage on Brazil’s northeastern coast

We are amid the biggest ecological disaster to occur on the Brazilian coast, affecting thousands of families who depend on fishing and tourism in the northeastern states of the country and causing damages never seen to our nature and marine animals.

On the one hand, members of the federal government and their supporters accuse Venezuela, blaming Maduro’s government of being responsible for the spillage, as well as suggesting that it was done on purpose to undermine the upcoming oil fields auction.

On the other hand, government opponents point to the disregard for environmental issues, the delay in taking concrete actions to clean up the affected regions and, especially, the irresponsibility for demobilizing the ocean cleanup’s team in the beginning of the year.

Unfortunately, once again, a serious issue of sustainability and environment is being dealt with an ideological approach, putting aside the development of a concrete program that works both for prevention and reaction to environmental problems. An impartial and urgent investigation is needed to identify the cause of this spillage in order to avoid future episodes, as well as a joint task force of federal and state workers in cooperation with local volunteers with the unique goal of repairing the environment.

FAMA Investimentos believes that human rights and sustainability are above political ideologies and should be a continuous concern of citizens, companies and public entities.

We encourage all those who gravitate in our ecosystem (clients, investors, invested companies, their suppliers and employees) to bring these issues to the top of their agendas, currently confined and restricted to a small spectrum of society.

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