FAMA Investimentos is an independent asset manager in Brazil. Since its foundation in 1993, it has carried in its DNA the ethical and corporate responsibility positioning that has evolved over these 28 years of history and which today we call ESG.

We seek to invest with a long-term view in high quality businesses, with strong competitive advantages, aligned management teams and shareholders, solid balance sheets, and that are committed to the ESG theme.  

Our long-only equities portfolio has produced an annualized return of 20% (in BRL), compared to 14% of the Bovespa Index, since inception.


In our investment process, we apply a variety of filters (including ESG factors) to identify our investable universe among Brazilian listed companies. We then perform a preliminary analysis to understand the quality of a business, its main risks and opportunities. The following step is a deep analysis of selected companies including intense fieldwork to understand the position of the different stakeholders such as customers, employees, competitors, etc. in a value chain. For approved companies, we perform valuation analysis to understand the value creation opportunities and the risk adjusted returns given different scenarios.  
ESG is integrated in our entire process and based on the analyzes performed, we build an ESG engagement plan to better channel, manage and monitor discussions on various material topics that we believe should be better addressed and/or disseminated by the company. 



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